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Change! Change! Change, La….!

I had the privilege of listening to a speech by Arthur Yap of Penang over the weekend and since then the word Change has been ringing over my mind. “Change! Change! Change! Change, la….”, he said. Now this seed of Change is growing inside my head, thanks to Arthur. By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed his speech, his passion and humour, though sometimes I don’t understand the parts in Bahasa Malaysia.

Change is a powerful word, no question about it. For decades, the word “Think” has been dominating the business world, to the credit of IBM’s successful branding, which is equally empowering. However, if I have to choose one now, I would prefer Change because it implies action.

I don’t know if you would agree with me on this one. Sometimes, we’re sort of getting to a state where we feel comfortable and lose the impetus to run the extra miles. At this stage, things generally come to a plateau, not going down but not going up either. The mind might be on holiday. And, suddenly we find something which we can focus and take on new heights. I think this time I have found it.

It is not just Change. It is Change, Change, Change, Change, Change, Change, la…..

It is interesting how the mindset can so easily be tuned (if you want it to) and start to show in the ways you do things. Because of the word, I have in so many times, deliberately chosen to do things differently and the feeling is nice. I know that I am the reason for what I become.

If you are in the kind of plateau I describe, or the mind about to finish its holiday, why not try this word. Say it so many times to yourself, say it out loudly, in front of the mirror or what, and see if it works. 🙂

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